print design


Match Your Look With Your Services
Each company has a distinct vision of how they need to grow their identity. And your identity should match what services you provide to your clients. Our vision and focus is to give you a strategic and visual advantage that is inherent to who you are, structuring your identity specifically to your business model and clientele. Mindwatering can capture or create your brand essence and translate it across all channels of promotional opportunity. If you have an existing identity, we can transfer, adapt, and/or update it to the digital side of your promotionals.

We have a very holistic and collaborative approach to design. We start from the beginning using interviews and research to learn our client's culture and vision, and we make sure our clients are in the loop within the design process to ensure their vision is being met.

All design promotes the contents of a package in some way, whether the package be a physical product or a service. Much of Mindwatering's client work focuses on the development of promotional pieces, encompassing the broad gamut of products and services, from the traditional business cards, staff directories and newsletters, to music CD/DVD covers and inserts, band flyers, and poster and banner backdrops for it all. We have extensive experience in large format posters and banners that run the gamut in size, from stage backdrops to personal collages, to table-mounted displays. Our posters have been designed on multi-form media to include coated paper, canvas, flexible Lexan, and backlit material.



[logo, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures, response/comp cards, thank you cards, apparel artwork for screenprinting/dye sublimation/embroidery and other promotionals on all scales]

[posters, banners, newsletters, whitesheets, tradeshow materials, direct marketing materials, postcard mailers, billboards, corporate documents, magnetic signs, yard signs, directories, book dust jackets ]