Stuck Mail in Notes Client Transferring To Mail Server

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 01/07/2003 at 10:01 AM


Email F.A.Qs (Non-setup)
Sending Email

We have experienced stuck mail a couple times now, with modem lines when the outgoing mail contains a really large attachment or series of attachments. (Usually a several MegaBytes or more) The transfer seems to stick and eventually time-out.

There really are only three options.
1. Move the laptop or PC to a faster connection and replicate. (sometimes not an option)
2. Keep trying until the phone line/internet connection stays up long enough to do complete it.
3. Just delete the offending message and move on.

These instructions assume number 3 and that you are using the R5/Domino6 Notes Client with your outgoing mail setting set to route mail through the server rather than directly to the internet. (You might do this to ensure your mail is secure to the corporate mail server when you have the client/server encrypt option checked in the client preferences.)

1. Open or switch to Notes Client if not the active application.
2. Left-click the replicator icon on the left (4th one down) side of the screen in the vertical toolbar.
3. On the replicator page, are a series of lines representing the databases that replicate or can replicate with the server. The database "stuck" is the one labeled, "Send Outgoing Mail", and is often the third line down on the replicator page.
4. Double left-click that line to open the outgoing mail database. If you see the About page, close it by pressing ESC or clicking the little x on the document's tab.
5. You should now be in that database and in a view (the only view) called mail and on the right side will be any messages that are stuck and/or waiting to be transferred out to the mail server. Choose the message you believe to be stuck and left-click to highlight it.
6. Press the Delete Message button to mark the message for deletion. To confirm deletion, either press the F9 key on your keyboard and say yes to the confirmation dialog box, or close the database and say yes to the confirmation dialog box. If still open, close the mail box database using the X in the tab at the top or by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.
7. Press the Send and Receive Mail button again and watch to make sure mail transfers okay.

Note: These instructions are still valid for 6.x/6.5x clients.

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