Purge / Reset Client Policy/Settings Documents for Users

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/02/2012 at 09:32 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Issue Troubleshooting

An organization or explicit policy is not taking effect on a Notes client. It seems to be ignored. As the settings and the policy document assignments look good on the server side, how do you reset the client policies w/o reinstall from scratch to see if issue is on the client-side.

Delete the cached policy documents. When the Notes clients hits the server again, it will re-apply them.
The policy cached documents sent down from the home server are in the user Contacts application.

1. Open up your Contacts. An icon is on the left bookmark bar, or under the Open button.

2. Click View on the top menu. Hold down both <control> and <shift> and left-click the Go To . . . option.

3. In the Go To dialog select the ($Policies) view and click OK.
(If you do not see the hidden views starting with ( and ending with ), you did not get the control and shift combination correct.)

4. In the ($Policies) view, select all the cached settings documents and delete them.

5. Restart the Lotus Notes client.

6. Wait 30 seconds or so after the Lotus Notes client starts up. You should see a message at the bottom left status bar that configuration settings are being updated. Repeat the steps 1 through 3 and confirm that the settings documents were downloaded again from the home mail server.
- If you have them, now test and see if you can do, or cannot do, what was missing from the effective policy being applied to you.
- If you do not have them, you are not pulling them down, contact your Domino administrator for more troubleshooting. (Don't do most in the link below, you can break stuff easily.)

More troubleshooting for Administrators . . .

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