Hints When MS Windows / Cubase Loses Its Mind...

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 02/07/2013 at 09:08 PM



Start Cubase and after choose new Project or loading a saved one, you get a screen that all inputs are missing.

Solutions/Things to Check:

1a. Check that Interfaces load okay.
Open M-Audio Firewire Control Panel
(in right lower tray of icons)
- Hardware tab
- Make sure that all input ports are active.
- Make sure sample rate is correct and locked to source sync.
(This often looks fine.)

1b. Check w/the Firewire Device Enabler
- (Allow device panel to make changes if prompted by Win 7/8.)
- M-Audio FW Device Enabler window will load.
- It should say Found a M-Audio FW device.

- If it does NOT, then
- a. Unplug the M-Audio FW device and click the Start button which will be no longer dimmed out.
- b. Reconnect the FW device when the dialog says to and click the button again. Close the window and proceed to step 2 below.
- If it does show

2. Cubase
- Device Setup (Menu --> Devices --> Device setup ...)
- Confirm VST Audio System has correct ASIO driver selected
-- e.g. M-Audio FireWire ASIO
(Note: This is usually the problem. Close and restart Cubase. Don't do the next steps below unless the mappings didn't keep after you restart Cubase. )

- Confirm / Fix Mappings on VST Connections page.
- Re-map any channels to the Mono/Stereo inputs of Cubase
- By this point, you should be seeing input on the channels.

PN: M:03-00061
Profile Lightbridge Firewire/Lightpige

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