How to Copy Missing Docs from Inbox Back to the Inbox

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/04/2016 at 08:08 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

User has reported large quantities of memos / e-mail missing from the Inbox (in-box) spanning many months or years.

Options to Fix:
We are assuming you don't have inbox maintenance enabled, where you clear out user e-mails on purpose older than "n" days to keep view (folder) indexes smaller across thousands of mail files. If so, you should turn it off if you don't like it, then do option #1 below.

1. Are the documents in the All Docs view and not completely missing?
If so, check another replica. If that replica is good and has the most recent docs, you can replace it. Stop the router so that no new mail can be delivered to the user mail file. No create a new replica from the "good" mail file over the "bad" one.

If you don't have another replica, restoring from back-up and replicating mail in MIGHT work, but you may just clear out the in-box again, if something modified those documents to remove them (e.g. agent, user, etc.) If that doesn't work, or you'd rather manually put them back, you can create a temporary view based off of the All Docs view and it's Folder column.
a. Create a new view, based on the ($All) view.
b. Mark prohibit refresh if not already from the question on inheriting upon create.
c. Update the view selection of the COPY, to the following:
SELECT @IsNotMember("A"; ExcludeFromView) & IsMailStationery != 1 & Form != "Group" & Form != "Person" & (From != "CN=First Last/OU=Sales/O=MWNet" & From !="" )
Update the From name from First Last/Sales/MWNet to the real user's canonical name, keep the canonical format.
This selection will ignore sent and custom forms, it should now show all, or very close to all received mail only, without including sent.

d. Unfortunately, you cannot sort by the Folder view. You have to page down looking for mail not already in a folder. Drag any mail not in a folder into the inbox folder. You should see the unread increment one, assuming the doc isn't already in the inbox.

Note: If the current user doesn't do filing, and everything was in the inbox, you can just do a CNTL-A to select all docs and drag them all to the Inbox. Any docs already in the inbox won't be removed or added twice, so this is safe.

2. If the documents are completely missing, you either need to restore a replica from back-up and replicate, or manually kick-off a replication from another replica on another mail or iNotes mail server.

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