Verse Client w/Traveler Cannot Get/Send Mail w/Error "System couldn't send message after 3 retries"

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/16/2017 at 03:20 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

Verse has stopped working (sending / receiving) mail. Nothing has been updated on the Traveler server in at least 6 months. iPhones and Android devices are still functioning okay.

Error message in log:
Traveler: SEVERE system couldn't send message after 3 retries, Message (<message id, token, etc). Exception Thrown: Received fatal alert: internal_error".

Possible Cause:
You may have an expired APNS (Apple certificate) used by the IBM Verse client on the iOS device.

Solutions for Cause:
1. Upgrade Domino to latest FP, and more specifically to this issue, update Traveler to latest install package. (e.g. Traveler to version

2. Replace just the P12 certificates by installing new newest Traveler version and migrating the p12 certificates in the /local/notesdata/traveler/cfg or e:\domino\data\traveler\cfg folder.

a. Create a backup copy of the existing files.

b. Drop the new ones into place.

c. Restart the Domino Traveler and HTTP services.
> tell traveler quit
> tell http quit
> load http
> load traveler

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