Setting Up Mulitple Mail Domain (Internet) Names on One Notes Server

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/20/1999 at 09:00 PM


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Search this site. I did the same thing and found my information here.

1) create a Foreign SMTP Domain.
In the Internet Domain: field in the "Messages Addressed to: section enter the name of your new
domain. (
In the "Should be routed to" section in the Domain name field: enter the current Notes domain name.

2) On your Global Domain Document under the section "SMTP Address Conversion" change the
Internet Address lookup: field to "Enabled"

3) Stop and start your MTA, if not your server. This portion works best if you restart.... (it did for

4) In the person document for the addresses that should be "" Edit their person document,
go to the "Shortname or Internet Address" field and make the second line what their entire address
should look like.

For Example: Joe Smith would be:

Username: Joe Smith/Notes1
Shortname and/or internet Address: jsmith

Good Luck


Do you mean public internet domain suffixes or intranet type domain suffixes? Either way, this should
be possible. In your global domain document there is an internet domain suffix field where you list
internet suffixes for which the SMTPMTA will accept internet mail. Here is a cut and paste from the
SMTP MTA Administrator's Guide:

A Notes global domain defines (in the Internet domain suffix list) a set of one or more Internet
domains (for example, and To ensure that messages sent to these
domains are routed to the Notes server running the SMTP/MIME MTA, you must arrange for the
Domain Naming Service (DNS) to map each of your Internet domain names to the IP address of
your server, or to an MX record that names your server. The DNS typically requires one or more
mail exchanger (MX) records that associate the Internet domain with one or more SMTP/MIME
MTA servers. You might, for example, define an MX record that links an Internet domain to a
primary SMTP/MIME MTA server, and another MX record that links the same Internet domain to a
backup SMTP/MIME MTA server. When specifying an SMTP/MIME MTA server to the DNS,
use the server's Fully Qualified Internet Host Name (for example, A record
preference can be set to determine which server should be routed to first.

Your SMTP MTA servers fully qualified internet host name resides in the SMTP MTA section of
your server document - retrieve it from there. Now, if you also want multiple internet domains sent
FROM notesmail, that's a different story. This info will get the mail coming into Notes only.

In the Global Domain Document, Internet Domain Suffix field, you can put all the domains you want

For users, in the People document, shortname or internet address field, you can put different address
In this case the first value is used for outgoing mails as sender.

there's a field called alternate internet domain in the global domain document, which allows you to add
extra ones. Then define people's addresses in the short name section of their person document to
manage them.

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