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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 01/30/2017 at 06:55 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations
Software (Re)Configuration

You can override default behavior for the Mail Move for special cases, or stange issues. Below are some notes.ini settings:

1. Mail Move for iNotes Users w/o Notes Anymore
If your users are still type Notes but now just use iNotes, you can override the Mail Move so the Mail Move workflow progresses to the Push Changes stage, after they login to iNotes for the first time.

0 = Disabled, default
1 = web mail/iNotes user who connects to their mail file will trigger the auto progression to next stage
2 = web mail/iNotes user who has never connected w/Notes client will trigger the auto progression to next stage. (This safeguards the Notes client ID never getting the update for the Location doc.)
3 = all user types (Notes/web/iNotes) will trigger the auto progression to next stage

New in Domino 7.0.3, Domino 8.0

2. Mail Archive Settings Signing Error
"Error: Unable to obtain mail archive settings for mail file"
"Error: Signer does not have the required access rights to the source database"

The former has to do with the owner not signing his archive profile (settings) w/in his mail file. If he/she re-edits and save, you might be able to proceed past it by restarting the request which failed.

0 = Disabled, default
1 = Continues onward if encountered for either message above

3. Update default mail replication for background replication:
The old mail cluster's icon(s) are not removed during the move. When replicating between local and server, you will replicate with the "top" icon, but this can accidentally be changed. You can have the Notes client remove them when accepting the new home mail server during the Mail Move.
Note: This is a notes.ini setting you push down to the Notes Client, not to use on the server itself.

0 = Disabled, default before Notes 8.02 and Notes 8.5.1
1 = Force to do
2 = Preferred, Notes will default to using home (mail) server specified in Location doc moving forward.

4. Dynamic Configuration Client isn't doing the Mail Move location and policy updates.
On MS Windows, the task is: ndyncfg.exe. It is running by default, but it could be disabled. Make sure the following Notes.ini is either removed or set to 0.
Note: This is a notes.ini setting used on the Notes Client, not in use on the server itself.

0 = DCC NOT Disabled
1 = DCC is disabled

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