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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 12/16/2009 at 09:50 AM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting
Misc. Log Errors

Log shows error "Server Error - File Truncated" or "Document truncated". The database is typically a large database with many attachments (GBs to TBs).

This can mean several things.

If it is a document truncated, check for the following:
Replication Space Saver settings truncating documents over x size.
Database ODS or Quota limiting size of database.
Operating system's file system limiting (4Gb DOS Fat32, 16TB - 64Kb NTFS assuming default cluster/chunk size) maximum file size. The database is likely to corrupt when it tries to write and the O/S truncates.
A view index corruption could also cause this.
If it is a web upload, check the maximum Post (upload) setting in your web Internet Settings document (or server doc if not using Internet Settings docs).

If it is a file truncation error, check for the following:
Replication Space Saver setting again.
The FT Index (Full Text Index) has a maximum index size for attachments. Make it bigger.
The FT Index is corrupted. Delete the Full-Text index and re-create it. Run updall -X.

It could be a developer's fault. Scenario, you have a document running a QuerySave. The code does a UI save or a back-end save. That should not be done, you are in the QuerySave and don't want to kick it off again.

In Domino 6.5.1, I saw posts on of people having issue with truncated documents with transaction logged databases.

If by Replication, here is technote on restoring:

If doing a Shift-F9 (view rebuild) works, then rebuild all the views in the database with: load updall -C -f path/filename.nsf

Windows File System Limits:

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