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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/17/2021 at 01:05 PM


Domino - User Setup Information

Notes historically supported more than just the TCPIP protocol. Today it's the only one.
Since many of our installations have been upgraded since R5 (1998), we have some old cluttter.

We could start over, be we like our installs the way we like them. So the names.nsf, the bookmarks.nsf, the desktop.ndk, and the notes.ini port w/our new Macs.

As of R10.0.1, the following should and should not be in the Notes client notes.ini.

Remove LAN0, COMx, and DisabledPorts. They are just clutter.

The next couple lines should like:

We typically use 45088. We have compression and encryption on for both clients and servers, even w/in the local network.
12320 - compression
45088 - encryption and compression

There are also check-boxes to change in the GUI. Notes --> Preferences, (left menu) Notes Ports, click the compression and encryption check-boxes.

If doing a Domino server, check for just 32 on the last number. This would be a install bug for servers with just compression. Set to 12320, and restart the ports from the console.

A Mac's notes.ini is: Notes Preferences, and is not in the local data folder. IBM and HCL honored the mac folder structure. It's in the preferences folder instead.
(Users --> myid --> Library -> Preferences --> Notes Preferences)

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