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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/13/2011 at 01:21 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting
Misc. Log Errors

After an upgrade of a Domino server, a Domino console (typically on an older box not yet upgraded) might say:
Error Updating View '#12345' in names.nsf: Document has been deleted.

The #12345 is a view's hexadecimal NoteID in decimal format. Using a calculator, convert it to Hex.
Use the Notes ID and the properties window in the Designer client to determine which design element view has this ID.

Typically this message occurs because a botched design refresh while a replication is occurring because of the upgrade from another server.
Updall, Fixup and Compact will likely not fix this problem. The issue is that there are likely two of these views, one behind the other, one one deleted but the stub is still "there" enough to allow the server to "see" it.

1. Verify the application is properly configured with its template (StdR4PublicAddressBook).

2. Go into the Replication Settings / Options for this Replica (File --> Replication --> Settings / File --> Replication --> Options for this Replica). Click the option to disable replication.

3. Using the Designer client, remove the offending view. Refresh using F5 or F9 (F9 if pre-8x release). If another of the same view appears, delete that one, as well.

4. Go back into the Replication Settings/Options, to the Space Savers tab:

a. Without enabling, change the number of days from 90 to 0. Click OK to close the dialog. This will cause the local replica to dump deletion stubs - this might take a while for a nicely massive Directory.
b. Return to the same setting. Without enabling, change the number of days back to 90. Click OK to save/close.

5. Offline Maintenance - Optional:
To compact names.nsf with -c (copy) flag, it requires the Domino server to be down, and the compact run from the O/S.
1. stop/quit the Domino server/service
2. run compact and the other offline tasks as desired
3. (re)start the Domino server services.

Typical "offline" application/database maintenance tasks:
- Linux example (update paths as needed):
# cd /local/notesdata/
# /opt/ibm/notes/bin/compact names.nsf -c
# /opt/ibm/notes/bin/fixup names.nsf -F
# /opt/ibm/notes/bin/updall names.nsf -X
# /opt/ibm/notes/bin/updall names.nsf -R

- Windows example (update paths as needed):
c:> d:
d:> cd \Lotus\Domino\data
d:\Lotus\Domino\data\> d:\Lotus\Domino\ncompact names.nsf -c
d:\Lotus\Domino\data\> d:\Lotus\Domino\nfixup names.nsf -F
d:\Lotus\Domino\data\> d:\Lotus\Domino\nupdall names.nsf -X
d:\Lotus\Domino\data\> d:\Lotus\Domino\nupdall names.nsf -R

6. Refresh the application to the template. (File --> Application --> Refresh Design (choose same server)).

If rebuild of the ($Users) lookup view for the router is desired, enter the following command:
> load updall names.nsf -t "($users)" -r

If desired to be on schedule:
a. Configuration (tab) --> Server (left menu twistie) --> Programs
b. Click Add Program (button).
c. Complete the fields:
- In the Program field, enter: updall
- In the Command field, enter: names.nsf -t "($users)" -r
- Set the time to run. Click Save & Close (button).

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