New & Common Notes.ini Variables for Domino 8 and Domino 8.5

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Created: 03/12/2009 at 04:46 PM


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Notes.ini parameter nameExplanation
Create_R8_Databases Applies to Lotus Domino 8 servers. Set it to 1 to create new ODS48 databases on Lotus Domino 8 servers.
Create_R85_Databases Applies to Lotus Domino 8.5 servers. Set it to 1 to create new ODS53 databases on Lotus Domino 8.5 servers.
Create_R85_Log Applies to Lotus Domino 8.5 servers. Set it to create the Lotus Domino transaction log in Lotus Domino 8.5 format.
Debug_NSF_Compress_All_Notes Set it to 1 to enable Document compression for all databases on the Lotus Domino server.
DEBUG_NSF_SHOW_ALLSTATS New in Lotus Domino 8. Set it to 1 to enable Lotus Domino I/O statistics collection for database metadata, views, and objects.
EVENT_CORRELATION_POOL_SIZESpecifies the size of the event correlation pool used by the event task and DDM.
Enable_LZ1_Encrypted_NotesSet it to 1 to enable LZ1 compression of encrypted documents in the Mail journal database.
EVENT_POOL_SIZE Set this variable to specify the amount of memory used for unprocessed events, unprocessed notifications, and event suppression. The default setting is 5242880 (5 MB).
MEM_AddressableMemSizeMB Set to override the default setting for the amount of memory Lotus Domino sees as addressable memory (where VALUE is in megabytes, and the default varies by platform).
MEM_EnablePreAllocSet it to 1 to enable pre-allocation of shared memory.
NLCACHE_SIZESpecifies the size of the namelookup cache in bytes. The default value is 16 MB.
NSF_Buffer_Pool_Size_MBSpecifies the maximum size (in bytes) of the NSF buffer pool, a section of memory dedicated to buffering I/O transfers between Lotus Domino and disk storage.
NSF_Dbcache_Maxentries Specifies the number of databases that a server can hold in its database cache at one time.
This can be flushed w/"dbcache flush".
RouterDbCacheSize Specifies the size of the router database cache used to cache mail databases in the router process.
SCHEDULE_NO_VALIDATE Enables or disables whether SchedMgr validates its busytime database entry on a daily basis, as follows:
0 (default): Enables validation
1: Disables validation
Server_MAX_CONCURRENT_TRANSSets the limit for the number of concurrently scheduled transactions on a server.
Server_Pool_Tasks Total number of physical threads in the Lotus Domino server (DbServer) threadpool.
Server_Show_PerformanceApplies to servers. Specifies whether server performance events are displayed on the console. Set this variable to 1 to display server performance events on console.

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