Domino 10 Limits / NSF Boundaries (Greatly Increased)

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 03/08/2019 at 12:37 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations

Domino V10 Increated Limits:

The following limits have been increased in Domino 10:

- Database OS Size: 256 GB (Unless OS disk format still limits max file size. not likely on Linux unless re-using an really old Ext3 disk)

- Database NDX Limit: 1 TB
NIFNSF - NIF Index File limit
That also doesn't include the attachments if not in the NSF store!

- Large Folders: 50x R9 limit (Number of docs in a single folder is now millions)

- ID Tables: 50x

- Field Summary Data: 65k (32k to 64k)

- Field Names: 60K (Up from 23k w/32 bytes/name)

Notes.ini / Configuration Mail / App Upgrade Notes:

HCL Domino Server:
ODS 53 required for improvements
Use Notes.ini: Create_R10_Databases = 1
Use dbmt (auto database maintenance tool) or compact -c to upgrade existing apps.
/local/notesdata $ /opt/hcl/domino/bin/dbmt -ct 24 -ut 8 -ods

HCL Notes Client:
Desktop Policy Settings can be set to Enable auto ODS updates.
1. Desktop Settings document --> Mail tab --> Client Settings header
--> enable the Enable upgrade of all local NSFs to latest ODS version.
--> Save desktop settings doc.
2. Open and Save the organization Policy doc so server sees that the policy doc has been updated.

Alternately, you can also set the client Notes.ini to NSF_UpdateODS=1.

Important Note:
In HCL Notes R12, we have had issues with just NSF_UpdateODS=1 notes.ini when creating new replicas from server. We had to have Create_R12_Databases=1 for new apps/replicas, and the NSF_UpdateODS=1 to have the client compact and upgrade the apps that are an older OS. In other words, make sure both are in the notes.ini.

Also ensure your Notes client has double the largest app in free space for the copy-style compact the client will perform. The compact to upgrade the local mail file, and other apps, occurs on the next restart of the Notes client after both entries are in the Notes client.

OS Filesize Restrictions Unlikely on Linux:
Max File Size:
Ext3 (4 KiB block size) 2 TB
Ext3 (8 KiB block size) 64 TB
Ext4 (2 KiB block size) 8 TB
Ext4 (4 KiB block size) 16 TB
Ext4 (64 KiB block size) 256 TB

For 64-bit kernels and disk utilities, the difference is the file system size. (Note ext4 came out originally at 48K, so older Linux distributions were below the 64-bit limit)
32-bit - 4 TiB @ 1 KiB size / 8 TiB @ 2 KiB size / 16 TiB @ 4 KiB
64-bit - 16 ZiB @ 1 KiB size / 32 ZiB @ 2 KiB size / 64 ZiB @ 4 KiB / 1 YiB @ 64 KiB

LIMITS R9 and R8:
OBSOLYTE BY R10 - Database OS Size: 64 GB to 65GB (The app will corrupt around 65000 bytes. It can corrupt earlier if limited by the disk format max file size).

Number of ACL Entries: ~ 21,000 (Actual limit is 32767 bytes. Actual limit depends on length of person and group names. Shorter the name, the more you can have.)

Number of ACL Roles: 75 Roles

Number of Views in a Database: No limit except performance hit by NIF.
(Same with column resorts, killer is not the max number for the NIF cost once there are many and the app has many documents changing very often.)

Number of Columns in a View: 289 (if average/column is 10 characters)

Response Levels in Hierarchical View: 31 Levels.
Response Docs in each Level: 300,0000 document notes.

Documents Imported / Pasted in View: 350,000 or more. (On MS Windows XP, Windows 7, this limit is far less because you get a out-of-memory error with a Virtual PC with 8GB of memory.)

Cascaded Views: 200 (This statistic is NOT CORRECT)
The limit for the Title and all Aliases is 64 characters, but with cascading, you can have 130 including the backslash character for each level. See technote SWG21099040.

Documents in View: No limit. All can be shown.

Characters in App/Db Title: 96 bytes

Characters in App/Db Filename: 255 characters (unless limited by OS, Mac old limit was 31 characters)

Characters in View Names: 63 bytes per level (/), 127 characters total

Characters in View Names: 63 bytes per level (/), 127 characters total

Characters in Agent Names: 63 bytes per level (/), 127 characters total

Characters in Field Names: 32 characters (32 bytes in SBCS/64 bytes in DBCS)

OBSOLYTE BY R10 - Summary Data in Text Field Size: 32KB (stored in note), 32KB displayed in a view column.

Rich Text Field Size: 1GB

OBSOLYTE BY R10 - Max Number of Fields in App/Db: 64K total length. Click the app/db property, "Allow more fields in database" to get UP TO 22,893. The shorter your field names, the more you can have.

Columns in a Table: 64

Rows in a Table: 255

Maximum Text Point Size: 250 (View and Print)

@Formula Maximum String Value: 2048 bytes (1 byte/ASCII character, up to 4 bytes for non-ASCII charcters)

Maximum LotusScript Array Size: 64 KB

Maximum Number of Mail Recipients: 5MB, 15Kb for invidivual names and local groups expanded at the Notes client., 15 KB for public groups which expand w/in the Domino Router.
(SendTo, CopyTo, BlindCopyTo)

Java Notes API Objects in One Use: ~ 104,800

Number of Documents Created in One Second Before Modification Date Slips/Skews Forward in Time: 48 NEW documents/second

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