Prepush iNotes / DWA ActiveX Cabs to a Workstation

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/26/2007 at 03:32 PM


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Software Upgrade

For users without power user rights on their workstations, they cannot accept/install ondemand the iNotes / DWA cabs.
However, it is possible to preinstall the cab(s):

Create a .msi witch contain the following actions:

1. Copy the iNotes6W.dll to %windir%\system32
Copy the iNotes6W.inf to %windir%\system32
--> This dll you can found on every Domino Server as a component of ""

2. Run "regsvr32.exe iNotes6W.dll"
--> regsvr32.exe is needed for the registration of the activeX-componente. You can Run regsvr32.exe e.g. over a .bat-File. regsvr32.exe is in %windir%\system32

For Notes7, you would use the iNotes7w cab and it's dll. Alternately, it is considered a "best practice" to use the Downloaded Program Files locations since we're simulating a client install...

copy "inotes6W.dll" "c:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\inotes6W.dll"
copy "inotes6W.inf" "c:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\inotes6W.inf"
regsvr32 /s "c:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\inotes6W.dll"

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