Lotus Traveler Server Service Setup Notes

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/01/2009 at 05:01 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations

To setup the iPhone for Lotus Traveler, you need:

Lotus Traveler 8.5.1 on a Domino server (Windows only unfortunately)
- Traveler available for Linux, as well w/Domino 9.

iPhone or iPod with 3.0x software installed
Apple iPhone Configuration Utility vs. 2 (assuming you want to customize the install - we did)

This uses the Exchange ActiveSync software. As the iPhone and iPod only support one account on the device of this type, keep that in mind.
In our case, we converted from Microsoft back in 1998, so no problem.


To start:

1. Install Traveler on your Domino server.
- quit your server
- run the setup
- answer the couple questions for your environment
- start the server

2. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility version 2 and run the setup.
You'll get a prompt in your Apple updates and can get it that way or you can go here:
(All users don't need this. In fact, no one does if you want to run with the defaults. We wanted to customize it, we installed it on one workstation.)

3. Build or start with an Apple iPhone/iPod one from Domino:
(It's just a XML file and you edit with the Config. Utility you just download and installed in step #2.)

4. Double click the file downloaded. It will open in the Config Utility.

5. Customize the file:
- General tab:
Swap-out the hard-coded user name with the username variable in the general tab.
-- ILNT_User swaps out this variable for the current user's username. Very convenient.
Enabled the security setting for authentication required for the profile to be removed by password.

- Passcode tab:
We allowed simple value, required at least one character, set a minimum length, set the auto-lock and grade period for it, and the maximum number password failed attempts before device is wiped.

- Restrictions tab:
We set this appropriately.

- WiFi tab:
We added the name and authentication settings for our wireless access points.

- E-mail tab:
Account Description: MW Lotus
Account Type: IMAP
Account Name: Traveler for ILNT_User
E-mail Address: ILNT_Address
Mail Server and Port: ILNT_HostName (Port: 993)
User Name: ILNT_User
Use Password Authentication: Checked (on)
Use SSL: Checked (on)

- Exchange ActiveSync:
Account Name: Lotus Notes Traveler for INLT_User
Exchange ActiveSync Host: ILNT_HostNameINLT_HostPath
Use SSL: Checked (on)
Domain: Mindwatering
User: ILNT_User
Email Address: ILNT_Address

- LDAP tab:
Account Description: Mindwatering
Account Username: ILNT_User
Account Hostname: ILNT_HostName
Use SSL: Checked (on)
Search Settings: Subtree, o=Mindwatering

- Credentials tab and VPN tab:
We did not set these up in our intial pass.

If you sync the calendar and contacts (e.g. bootstrap auto method), it will wipe out the existing contacts on the iPhone - at least using the Beta software. That was okay for us, because we wanted them all in Lotus Notes and to sync from this point onward anyway. We had our users enter all their personal contacts they wanted to keep into their Personal Contacts in Lotus Notes.

6. Export the configuration profile.

7. Update the SSL section.
We use SSL and our security policy says that it must be used outside our network.
We located the SSL "key" ActiveSync section of the XML file. We verified the SSL key contained the hostname:

8. Upload the file to the Domino server.
Rename the file apple.xml.
Replace the existing file with the customized one. (Keep the old one just in case.)

9: Test the new configuration
Point Safari on an iPod or iPhone at the Lotus Traveler URL again (same as step 3).

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