Lotus Traveler Mail Setup Issues

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 06/03/2011 at 10:05 AM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

The bootstrap setup for the Traveler-based device completes but there are errors synching mail, calendaring, or contacts.

You can display a status for each user via the http://server/servlet/traveler page, by selecting the "Show - Display all informatin..." option on the page, or my typing tell traveler show <user> in the Traveler server's console.

Lotus Traveler does not have delete rights to the database <mail application name>.

Give the Lotus Traveler server manager with delete rights access.
(Basically, it needs access to add anything, edit anything, delete anything, and update the read/unread marks.)

The database <Mail Application File> on <Target Domino Server> is not configured to replicate read and unread marks. As a result, unread marks will not be replicated with the device.

File --> Application Properties --> Advanced (hat) tab:

Lotus Traveler could not open the database <Mail Application File>. Verify that the server <Traveler Server> and the database grant access to server <Target Domino Server> and that there is a network connection available between these servers.

Assuming the target mail application and home server are correct in this message above, typically this is a network issue/outage. The target Domino server and mail file are pulled from the person doc. So if that is not correct, verify replication. If they are correct, fix the connection doc or network issue.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler client installation has detected insufficient device resources to run this product

There is not enough memory and/or storage on the device to set up the device. Free up some space and try again.

Database <Mail Application File> is <bytes> bytes in size and <percent> percent used, which is over the quota of <quota> bytes.

Increase the quota to something more realistic for the user, or force the user to clean up and delete some mail.

<User> Locked Out Since <Date> because of security flags.

Typically, this message is seen when a user got a new device but the old device was never wiped first. The Domino server is not expecting this device, when it's already configured for a different one. (e.g. You get a great new iPhone 4. The iPhone is dropped, pretty screen is now broken, and you go and buy another iPhone 4. Your old one is dead, but no one told the Traveler server.)
Do a delete of the old device. For example, for Jane Doe:
1. tell traveler show Jane Doe/Mindwatering
2. Using the device ID of the "dead" phone, also delete it's device profile:
tell traveler security delete 12355235AD35251F1235E2315235CDDC1325FFEE Jane Doe/Mindwatering
(Note: If the user only has one device, then you can just do: tell traveler security delete * Jane Doe/Mindwatering.)
3. Now check the device again.

If you are resetting an Apple device (e.g. iPhone, iPod, iPad), then a reset will often turn off the automatic mail push. Turn it back on in the Apple device with:
Settings --> Mail, Contacts, Calendars --> <my account name> --> toggle mail back to ON

You can see the status of any flags (e.g. a wipe) for a user with:
tell traveler security status Jane Doe

If you want to delete the device and user from traveler completely, you can do:
tell traveler delete * "Jane Doe"
If the server Traveler release is before, you must delete the security profiles first, you will have problems reusing the device if found and tried again. (User will get locked message). Do:
tell traveler security delete * "Jane Doe" and then the above command.

If a device was lost, but is now found, and it was off (dead battery), you can remove the wipe pending with:
tell traveler security flagsremove all <device id> <user>

The Lotus Domino server, <Domino server name>, that hosts the <Mail Application File> mail file is an earlier version so some functions are not fully implemented.

Upgrade the target mail application server(s); you'll be glad you did. It takes 30 minutes to download the server from Lotus Passport, and about 15 minutes to do the install/upgrade. The reboot time will depend on how big your names.nsf is as the automatic re-indexing can take anywhere from a few seconds for a small Domino Directory to over an hour for a really big one with 100,000+ users. (See Traveler admin docs for supported software table.)

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